Contractor Licensing

Contractor Licensing

General Contractor Licensing

The City Commission approved Ordinance No. 2021-3178 on March 17, 2021 requiring General Contractors to be licensed for work performed within the Concordia city limits. This requirement took effect April 1, 2021.

General Contractor License Application
General Contractor License Requirements
General Contractor License Quick Reference Document
General Contractor FAQ
Adopted Building Codes

Applications for provisional licenses will be accepted until September 30, 2021.

Licensing and Fees

  • Contractor licensees must have $500,000.00 general liability insurance and master tradesman.
  • Tradesman licensees must have 75% test score and continuing education.
Contractor and Tradesman Licensing Fees:

  1. Contractor's license fee:    $25.00
  2. Master's license fee:    $25.00
  3. Journeyman's license fee:    $25.00 
  4. Apprentice license fee:    $10.00

Sign Contractors:

  • Must complete application and have proof of general liability insurance. There is no fee.