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Want to Become a Reserve: (aka Volunteer)
Being a Reserve with the Concordia Fire Department offer rewards that no other job can match and the satisfaction of serving your community.

What is a Reserve?
The days of Reserves only being allowed to rill hose after a fire are long since gone. Today's Concordia Fire Department Reserves works hand-in-hand with the paid staff. They are highly qualified, professional members of the department.

What do Reserves Do?
Reserve firefighters and EMTs are a vital part of the department staff and perform various essential duties.

Among those duties are:

  1.         * Fire Suppresion
  2.         * EMS Responses
  3.         * Long Distance EMS Transfers
  4.         * Rescue Responses
  5.         * Shift Work (Covering the Fulltimers Vacations, etc.)
  6.         * Assist with Public Education, Station Tours, Inspection and Fire Prevention Programs

How can I become a Reserve?
The Process begins with filling out an application at the Concordia City Hall. Applicants are contacted and informed of the next assessment center at the fire department.

An Assessment center is comprised of three parts:
       * A written test covering general knowledge and the ability to follow instructions.
       * A physical agility test to determine coordination, physical fitness and ability to follow instructions.
       * A board interview to determine character, dedication and your personal goals.

All reserves are also required to a City authorized physical examination, background examination and a drug screen.

We would be glad to answer any questions that you may have.

Call or Stop in and see us at:
Concordia Fire Department
701 Washington Street
Concordia, KS. 66901