Burn Permit


The first step in obtaining a burn permit is to contact City Hall for an application. Once the application is filled out and the fee is paid, the office will notify the Fire Department for the issuance & inspection of the permit.

ORDINANCE # 2001-2804

Purpose: The governing body has found that open burning within the corporate limits of the City of Concordia creates potentials hazards. It is deemed necessary by the governing body to prohibit such open burning without a permit, and to set forth requirements for such a permit, and a written policy regarding such a permit as provided by the ordinance.

Scope of Ordinance: The ordinance is created to regulate the burning of garbage, trash, leaves, brush, junk, lumber, petroleum products, oils, tires, composition shingles, tar paper, chemicals, hazardous materials, and all similar items, which are prohibited

Any burning that takes place within a residential or business structure of any accessory structure thereto that if fueled by wood, coal, or gas and is related to heating or cooking, is beyond the scope of the ordinance, except that any such burning that creates a fire hazard for nearby structures is declared unlawful and is subject to established fines.

Limitations: Open Burning will be permitted only for the day the permit is issued and only under the requirements of that permit.

  1. Burning is limited to leaves, uncut grass, small limbs, and shrubbery, NO TRASH OF ANY KIND.
  2. The size of the fire will not be so large as to create a hazard to the surrounding area.
  3. No accelerators will be used to start the fire.
  4. There must be adequate time for the burn to be completed by dusk hours.
  5. In the event that the burn permit officer believes that is a reasonable danger to the public, the burn permit officer can revoke the at any time.
  6. There must be a minimum of 25 feet from any structure to the burning area; distance will be at the burn permit officer's discretion.
  7. There must be a water supply (garden hose or larger) available at the burn sight, the burn permit officer will be advised at the time of issuance of the permit.

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Cloud County Resolution


Whereas, agricultural open burning is a common and prudent land management practice within Cloud County; and,

Whereas, agricultural open burning can present risk of harm to neighboring lands, neighboring residents, and users of public roads; and

Whereas, it is appropriate to assist fire departments with the deployment and the utilization of equipment and personnel for actual emergency circumstances.


1.Agricultural open burning, defined as open burning of vegetation such as grass, woody species, crop residue and other dry plant growth for the purpose of crop, range, pasture, wildlife or watershed management, shall be conducted only under the following conditions which meet or exceed. K.A.R.28-19-648.
(a). The person conducting the burn shall notify the Concordia Dispatch Office (785-243-3131) before the burning begins and shall provide the dispatcher with the proposed burn location, estimated burn time, responsible party conducting and supervising said burn and means of contacting the party during the burn event.
(b). A person shall not conduct a burn that creates a traffic safety hazard. If conditions exist that may result in smoke blowing toward a public roadway, the person conducting the burn shall give adequate notification to the highway patrol, sheriff’s office or other appropriate state or local traffic control authorities before burning.
(c). A person shall not conduct a burn that creates an airport safety hazard. If smoke may affect visibility at an airport, the person conducting the burn shall give adequate notification to the appropriate airport authorities before burning. (d). The person conducting the burn shall insure that the burning is supervised until the fire is extinguished with the exception of tree or other large debris piles, then the appropriate rural fire Chief must be notified that said burn is unattended.
(e). A person shall not initiate burning during the nighttime without permission from their appropriate Rural Fire District Chief.
(f). A person will be advised by dispatch that they cannot burn if the local fire chief has advised dispatch of a burn ban and/or the national weather service has issued a red flag warning. 
(g). A person shall not burn within 1,000 feet of any occupied dwellings in rural areas of the county unless  the occupant of that dwelling has been notified before the burn. 
2. Violation of this resolution, upon conviction, may be punished by a fine of up to $250.00 per day of violation per location. In addition, violators may be required to pay restitution for all damages done by a fire set in violation of this resolution and may be required to reimburse the fire departments at the FEMA reimbursement rates.