Planning & Zoning

Backyard Swimming Pools
Permit Application

Curb & Gutter, Sidewalks, Streets
Curb & Gutter and Sidewalk Application
Curb Removal Application
Sidewalk Removal & Replacement Application
Application to Excavate City Streets and/or Alleys

Community Development Manual

Comprehensive Plan

Subdivision Regulations

Zoning Regulations

Zoning Map  

The building inspector must receive and approve your application.

Necessary Information to accompany an application to BOZA.

Zoning Fees

-Application for rezoning   $100.00
Guide to Rezoning  
Instructions for Rezoning Application  
Rezoning Application  
Zoning Review Checklist   
-Application for conditional use permit $75.00
-Application for planned unit development   $200.00
-Application for site plan review submittal $25.00
-Appeal $75.00
-Variance $75.00 
Variance Application  
-Exception $75.00 
-Preliminary Plat  $150.00 
-Plat for Minor Subdivisions $75.00 
-Final Plat  $100.00 
-Lot Split  $50.00 
Lot Split Application  
-Correction of platting error  $50.00
-Vacation of a street, alley, public easement, or public
  reservation (building setback line, etc.)
Vacation Application